As a writer, certainly the most frightening thing to face is a blank page. This is true for all writers, ask them. I imagine it is quite the same moving into a new space with a blank canvas of space and full executive control over how to style and furnish it.

Once the colour palette is settled (refer to last week’s blog for help in that area) the next big puzzle begins: Will the that gorgeous sofa I saw in the shop fit in this space? (Or even through the door?) Before you start digging for tape measure (and yes you will need it) read on for some tips on how to choose the right size furniture for the space you are setting up.

First, the basics. It may sound redundantly obvious but decide on what you will be using each room for. This depends on your lifestyle as much as the “designated room name.” Do you love to through dinner parties? A good-sized dining room would work for that. Or are you more a casual, eat in front of the TV kind of family? Then a smaller dining room table would free up space for you to use.

The living room has become the heart of the modern home, the space where we unwind after a long day, watch TV, play with the kids or catch up with friends. Comfort is king in a living room, but keep in mind it is usually also the first impression guests have of your home, so try to balance comfort with style.

After deciding on how you want the room to be laid out and what the focus area (if any) should be, we’re back to that sofa. Consider the size of the sofa, and whether you will have extra seating such as a smaller love seat or any chairs. Do you plan to add a coffee table and how much space do you want to allow for it?

Time for the tape measure. Check if the sofa will fit in the space by keeping spacing rules in mind: The sofa should be roughly two meters from the TV. The coffee table should be placed about half a meter from the sofa with all other pieces of furniture spaced no further than three meters from the sofa. This ensures conversation can flow freely yet keep the space cohesive and cosy. Now you can start your calculations and tape measuring, calculating the breadth of the furniture when laid out and then measuring the size of your empty space. (And don’t forget the door!)

Remember that you are building a space in which you will live for a long time to come, so don’t sacrifice comfort to comply with any pre-set rules of design. It is your house, you must feel you own the space, that it feels like ‘you.’

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